Candy Day Candy Day Candy Day Aprons 101870910 Fruit flavored candy rolls Donors receive a roll of the popular fruit flavored candy as a token of appreciation. 101872940 Canisters around town The Braidwood Lions Club has placed Candy Day collection canisters in businesses around Braidwood. 101872941 Getting ready to hit the streets Lion Ron Maly gets set to hit his intersection. 101870911 Walking the line Candy Day Chairman Lion Scott Howard walks the line of cars on Rt. 129. 101870912 It takes two Lion President Rob Grivetti and Lion Joe Sternisha team up to cover both lanes on traffic on Rt. 53. 101870913 It's his corner Lion Ron Maly stands ready to accept donations and pass out the fruit flavored candy rolls. Lion Ron has been collecting donations at the same intersection for over 40 years. 101870914 Keeping Track Lion Karen Kotek keeps track of the donations as they pour in. 101870915 Strike a pose Lion Cindy Howard takes a moment from collecting donation to pose for a picture. 101870916 Break time Lion Gary Bumgardner takes a break after standing at the intersection. 101870917 Break time Lion Alan Miller also takes a break before going back to the street corners. 101870918 Back from the action Lion Bob Kotek returns from collection donations in front of Doc's Drugs. 101870919 Thank You!! Lion Ron Maly accepts donations. 101870920 Until tomorrow Lions volunteers call it a day on Friday, but will be back in action on Saturday morning. 101870921 Sunny Saturday Morning Lions Mary Maly and Bob Kotek enjoy the wonderful weather on Saturday morning while collecting donations in front of Berkot's Superfoods. 106182684 Thank You!! Lion Allan Miller thanks the generous donors while giving them a roll of the fruit flavored candy. 106182685 Great Afternoon Lions Joyce Nadell and Dan Sennatt pose for a picture on Saturday afternoon. 106182686 At the Ready Lion Ed Scasney stands ready to accept donations. 106182687 It Takes Two Too Lions Ron Maly and Ed Scasney team up to cover both lanes of Rt. 53. 106182688 First Candy Day Lion Joyce Nadell participates in her first Candy Day collection as a new Lions Club member. 106183754