Christmas Tree Sale Fundraiser Christmas Tree Sale Fundraiser Tall, Tall Trees Lions members Scott Howard and Tyler Wilson stand next to one of the many tall Balsam Christmas trees. 143008225 Unloading The Trees The trees are shipped in from Plainfield Wisconsin and unloading them requires alot of work. 143071955 Unloading The Trees Lions volunteers help to unload the trees off the semi. 143071956 Keeping Count Lions member Ron Maly keeps count as the trees are unloaded off the trailer. 143071957 Pile'em Up Lions volunteer Aaron Atwood places the trees into piles as they are unloaded off the semi. 143071958 Unloading Complete Lions volunteers pose for a picture after unloading all the trees. 143071959 Light'em Up Lions volunteers help to put up the lights atop the tree racks while setting up. 143071960 All Stood Up Lots of good looking Christmas trees on display. 143071961 More Trees More good looking Christmas trees on display. 143071962 Sign Says It All Prices (For 2011) Trees: Balsam $40 / $45 Scotch Pine $35 Wreaths: Small- $10 Medium- $15 Large- $20 Grave Blankets: $50 Grave Pillows: $20 Greenery Crosses: $15 143071963 Almost Ready The Lions' Christmas Tree Sales begin on the day after Thanksgiving and will continue while supplies last. 143071964