Contacting the Braidwood Lions Club

Our club does not have any one specific phone number.  Instead, we rely on our members to give assistance with providing their phone numbers for the various events and activities which they coordinate throughout the year.  Listed below are the names and phone numbers of the contact persons for the various areas.

Fax:  (815)458-3842

Mailing Address:  198 N. Lincoln St.  Braidwood IL. 60408


Club Secretary:  Josh Bolatto  (815)791-8093   (General Information)

Summerfest Committee:  See the Summerfest Page For Complete List of Event Coordinators

Christmas Tree Sales

                         Sales Chairman:               Chris Early               (815)325-8402

          Sales Information/publicity:             Josh Bolatto             (815)791-8093

Broom Sales

                  Sales Chairman:              Josh Bolatto             (815)791-8093

Sight and Sound (eye glasses & hearing aid assistance and Used Eye Glass & Hearing Aid Collections)

                  Eye Glass Assistance  Chairman:          Gary Bumgardner    (815)458-6548

                Hearing Aid Assistance Chairman:           Mary Kaminsky       (815)685-2198

Scholarship Program

                Chairman:               Wayne Saltzman     (815)458-6444

Halloween Hot Dog Giveaway

                        Chairman:          Wayne Saltzman     (815)458-6444

                         Publicity:            Josh Bolatto            (815)791-8093