Fundraising Activities and Events

Each year our club holds numerous fundraisers to help support our community involvement and humanitarian activities.  Look below for details and information on the individual fundraisers.

                                                 Broom Sales

Our club holds broom sales annually as part of our fundraising efforts.  House, heavy duty and whisk brooms are among the choices for sale.  We hold broom sales in front of local businesses, at flea markets and other community events.  

House brooms are good for kitchens, hardwood floors and patios.  Heavy duty or or shop brooms are a good fit in garages, sheds and workshops.  Whisk brooms come in handy for those smaller jobs, work benches and to clean up after the larger brooms have piled up the dirt and debris. 

                              HouseBrooms: $10.00    Heavy Duty Brooms: $15.00    Whisk Brooms: $5.00

Brooms can be ordered throughout the year by calling (815)791-8093. Many residents know that when they buy a Lions broom, it will last a long time.  Brooms can be delivered free of charge in the Braidwood area if requested.  All proceeds from the sales benefit our club's many community activities throughout the year.  Please note that due to the cost of shipping & freight, we are unable to ship our brooms.  We are only able to sell our brooms locally.

                                   Lions of Illinois Foundation Candy Day

Each year, Lions Clubs across the State of Illinois participate in the annual Candy Day fundraising event.  Candy Day is held on the second Friday in October in communities all over the state.  Club members stand at street corners and intersections in the respective communities and collect donations which help to provide their sight and sound services.  In return, donors receive a package of Lions Candy Day candy as a token of appreciation.  

Our club holds our Candy Day fundraising (tag days) at the intersections of Rt. 113 & Rt. 53  and  Rt. 113 & Rt. 129 in Braidwood.

Click here to visit the official Candy Day web page

                                             Christmas Tree Sales

We hold our annual Christmas tree sales as part of our yearly fundraising activities.  The sales begin the day after Thanksgiving and continue until supplies run out. Balsam and Scotch Pine trees which vary in size ranging from 5 foot to 10 foot in height are available for sale.  We also sell small, medium and large decorated wreaths, grave blankets, grave pillows, greenery crosses and more.  Check back for more information as the sale dates come closer.

                                                  Counter Mints

Our club currently has several locations where counter mint collection displays are located.  Many of the locations include restaurants, businesses and government buildings.  

When making a donation, donors can take a roll of the mint candies as a token of our appreciation.  The money generated from the counter mint displays assists us in providing the numerous humanitarian services throughout the year.  


The annual festival, known as "Summerfest" is our club's largest fundraising project of the year.  Our members & volunteers operate bingo games, a beer garden, and concession sales during the festival as part of our fund raising.  Numerous local and area businesses assist in offsetting the cost of the festival by making generous donations as sponsors of the festival.  Summerfest runs on the third weekend in July from Thursday until Sunday.                                Click here to visit the Summerfest Page


Our club also holds several raffles throughout the year including Christmas time, Summerfest and more.  Local and area businesses provide generous support by donation goods or services that can raffle off.  All funds from raffle ticket sales helps support our numerous community activities throughout the year.