Recycling For Sight & Sound Humanitarian Services

        We've Got A New Recycling Program!!

                                We Are Now Collecting

                                             - Old Keys

                                          - Pop Can Tabs

                               - Ink Jet & Laser Jet Printer Cartridges & Toners (all brands)

                                               - Old Cell Phones, MP3 Players

      - Old IPods, Laptops, Digital Cameras & GPS Systems (doesn't matter if they're working or not)

As our club continues to provide humanitarian services to those in need who are visually or hearing impaired, we are always looking for new ways to raise the much needed funds which allow us to continue in our crusade against darkness & silence.  We have begun collecting a variety of items which are recycled as part of our fundraising efforts.


                  We Also Collect


           Used Eye Glasses & Hearing Aids

There are several collection boxes located around our service area including:  Berkot's Superfoods, Fossil Ridge Public Library, Doc's Drugs, Braidwood City Hall, Shadow Lakes II Association Office & Godley Park District Office.  Used eye glasses and hearing aids are sent to a central processing plant, operated by Lions Clubs International, to be refurbished and distributed to those less fortunate.  

                            PLEASE, DO NOT DONATE EYE GLASS CASES.