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Who We Are

Our club is made up of ordinary citizens who share one common goal, community service.  Our members take pride in their efforts to provide humanitarian services for the visual and hearing impaired.  The Lions motto "We Serve" holds a special place in the daily lives and activities of each and every member.  Our members make every effort and seize every opportunity to perform random acts of kindness and service within their communities each and every day.  Lions members perform numerous hours of community service every year and receive no monetary compensation.  The best form of payment our members receive is seeing the final product of a job well done and knowing that they have helped to make their community a better place.  Our club meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Old Smokey City Park administration building starting at 7:00pm.  The Lions Club is the largest service organization in the world with millions of citizens from all over the globe, all races, all walks of life sharing in one common goal.

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How to Become a Lion

Club members must possess a special quality, a willingness to serve their community.


Interested citizens can contact our club's Secretary Josh Bolatto at (815)791-8093 for a membership application and more details.

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