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Services We Provide

Our club provides the following services to residents in need who reside within the Braidwood, Godley & Shadow Lakes communities.

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Eye Exams

hearing screening 1.jpg

Hearing Exams

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Hearing aids 1.jpg

Hearing Aids

Services which we are NOT able to provide include, but are not limited to:

- Assistance with rent or mortgage payments

- Assistance with utility payments

- Assistance with medical bill payments or medications


- Transportation assistance

- Assistance with food or groceries


Assistance with medical or mobility assistance devices (ex. wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, toilet chairs, etc.).

**Special Notice To Those Seeking Assistance From The Braidwood Lions Club For Sight & Sound Humanitarian Services**

As many know, the main focus and goal of Lions Clubs throughout the world is to assist individuals in need with sight & sound humanitarian services. One of the biggest ways that we achieve this goal is by providing those less fortunate with vision exams, eye glasses, hearing tests and hearing aids. Lions Clubs provide these services to individuals within their respective service areas who, without assistance from the Lions Club, would not be able to afford such vision & hearing services. Our club continues to maintain a focus on this goal and strive to provide residents within our service area with the best quality care and assistance possible.

** Our club's services are limited to Sight (vision exams & eyeglasses) and Sound (hearing tests & hearing aids)


When requesting assistance from our club, please keep the following information in mind:

- In order to request assistance, individuals are required to complete our club’s Application For Assistance form which can be obtained by contacting our club’s Vision Services Chairman or Auditory Services Chairman.

- For requests made on behalf of a minor (under 18 years of age), a parent or legal guardian shall be required to complete the Application for Assistance.

- All applicants seeking assistance from our club must reside within our club’s service area which includes the Braidwood, Godley and Shadow Lakes communities. Proof of residency may be required and must be provided upon request. Accepted forms of proof of residency include: Driver’s License of State ID Card, Rent Receipt or Utility Bill.

- For applicants covered by any private vision insurance or state funded plans, all exams and materials must be submitted to the applicant’s primary insurance policies with the applicant’s balance being considered for assistance eligibility. Absolutely no exceptions will be made to this requirement.  Our vision service provider will complete an insurance/benefit availability check upon receiving your information.  If any vision benefits are discovered during the check, the applicant will be required to utilize those benefits first before our club will provide any additional assistance.  Our service provider will communicate this to our club's representatives.

- All applicants must receive approval before obtaining any services. Once approval is given, applicants will be provided with a Service Authorization voucher which the applicant must bring with them and submit to the service provider prior to any appointment(s) for proof of eligibility.  Approved applicants who do not have a Service Authorization voucher in hand at the time of their appointment will be denied service from the service provider. 

- The application for assistance must be completed in its entirety. Any incomplete applications will not be processed.

- Applicants should allow up to 5 weeks for review & approval of applications.

The Lions Club's main focus is helping those who have visual and hearing impairments.  Our club assists low income residents in need with obtaining eye glasses and hearing aids.  Each year dozens of school children from the Braidwood, Godley and Shadow Lakes community are given the gift of visual accuracy in order to receive the most out of their school education.  


For more information on receiving assistance with vision exams & eyeglasses please call our Vision Services Chairman Lion Gary Bumgardner at (815)458-6548.


For more information on receiving assistance with hearing screenings & hearing aids please call our Auditory Services Chairman Lion Mary Kaminsky at (815)458-0308

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